The East Sussex Artists Project

I am almost half way through my current personal portrait project photographing the creative talent of this South Coast county and I thought it was time for a review of what I’ve done and who I’ve meet so far.

I am really excited about completing the next half, adding a few videos to the mix then getting an exhibition and book together.

Roland Jarvis

Phillip Oakley

Peter Quinnell

Nick Bodimeade

Melissa White

Martin O’Neill

Louise Body

Leigh Dyer

Laura Oakes

Judith Rowe

Jo Sweeting

Wales & Wales

Joc Hare

Roas Diaz

Susan Elliot

Jessica Zoob


Jeffery Louis-Reed

Gus Cummings RA

Fiona Geilinger

Elizabeth Ockford

Ptolemy Mann

Victor Stuart-Graham

Ed Kluz

Andrew and Eden Kotting

Deb Bowness

Claire Fletcher

Christine Kowal-Post

Christian Funnell

Chris Elsey and Geoff Aldred – The Stone Carving and Lettering Studio

Chris Milton

Chris McHugh

Angie Braven

Lesley & Pea – Aardvark Press

Wycliffe Stutchbury

3 thoughts on “The East Sussex Artists Project

  1. Hi Alun,

    Totally loving this! I’ve visited your blog before, so seen some of them already, but not all of them. What a collection! I look forward to seeing the book.

    Hope all is well and good and family are well.

    Issy x

    1. Hi Issy
      Thank you for the message, after talking about it for so long I have finally got on properly with a personal project!
      I hope you are well & keeping busy, I am now following you on Twitter!
      alun. x

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