Women & their Sheds – The Country Living Series part 1

In a new series for Country Living, last year I met up with some creative and inspiring women and their sheds!

I was very pleased that I was asked to do this project for the magazine, as it seems to fit in perfectly with what I am currently up to.

First up and featured in the June issue is upcycler Esther Coombs who turns secondhand finds into coverted collection pieces.


4 thoughts on “Women & their Sheds – The Country Living Series part 1

  1. Oh how did I miss these articles. I am always combing the internet for shed pictures and stories. My facination began when I converted a storage shed into my own art studio. I love it. It’s my sanctuary and I spend hours in there creating and dreaming. I just did a little redecorating and furniture arranging and took more pics of it. There’s tons of pics on my blog and I will be posting my updated pictures very soon. Glad to have found your blog.


    1. Hi Diana, Thank you for the comment, it was a lovely to meet some very creative women who work in inspiring places.
      Look forward to reading your blog.

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