The Pop-up Studio – Cockpit Arts

I wanted to create my own studio in which I could invite my sitters to pose. The pop-up studio space I arrived with at Cockpit Arts gave both me and my subjects the chance to play with the nature of a makers’ portrait.

Leah Jensen

Ya Wen Chou

Laura Woodhouse

Fflur Owen

Sophie Manners

Ute Decker

Jiyun Lapthorn of Fronté

Onome Otite

Rentaro Nishimura with Yasmin Everley

Kelvin Birk and Katrin Spranger

Vanessa Hogge

Caitlin Charles Jones

Ian Scott Kettle

Jennie Adamson

Lenique Lewis

Creative Careers – LtoR – Elise Gustilo, Tessy Cooper, Meron Wolde, Alicia Britt, Aishling Duffy

The Clothworkers – LtoR – Vicky Cowin, Elizabeth Ashdown, Poppy Fuller Abbott, Claire Whelan, Sophie Granery

Claire Whelan

The Leathersellers – LtoR Jasmine Carey, Charles Laurie, Joost Pasman, Steven Harkin

Steven Harkin

Joost Pasman,

Jasmine Carey,

Charles Laurie