The Pop-up Studio project – Rodhus Studios

I have my office at Rodhus studios, a workspace and offices for Brighton based creatives and small businesses.

I set up a small studio to make portraits to celebrate this eclectic and diverse group of people.

Shiv Martin – Weaver

Anna Carlson and Phillip Hawker – No Hawkers – Artist and hair stylist

Sabina Palermo of Hi Cacti

Zack Pinsent of Pinsent Tailoring

James Ward of Jimbobart

Clare of Flax with Nigel Bryant Esq

Gary Parselle of The Private Press

Jenny Mustill of Ruby Ruth Dolls

Lieske Weenink and Ana Lipps – Graduate Artists

Lee Pennington – Eelus – Artist

Gabriella Rizzello of Planted

Lily Rigby – Fine artist

Becky Johnson and Francesa Herrera – Jewellery Designers

Megan May of Babydol Clothing

Emer Gillespie of Spark and Bell

Louise Richardson – Upholsterer

Charlie Riddington of Sunshine Box

Richard Ainsworth of Rodhus

Nathan King – Tattoo Artist

Neal Childs – Conceptual artist

Andy Hutchings of Hutch

Alun Callender photographed by Alun Callender